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With the tightening of immigration rules and a stricter enforcement of them, some restaurants are reporting that they’re struggling to get the talented chefs they need to run their businesses. This seems to especially be the case for chefs originating from the Indian sub continent. I suppose that begs the question – can the intricacies of Indian cuisine be taught or do the best chefs have to be brought up with food a key element in their culture? With so many chef jobs available for Indian chefs and a key part of the UK restaurant scene – should immigration rules be relaxed for chefs? We’d love to hear to your views!


Restaurant trends 2012

It’s a sad fact for the industry that banks are still not leading in any great numbers to small operators that want to expand and to individuals that have a great new concept and lots of passion who want to open their first restaurant. However there are plenty of new openings – the vast majority of which are by the existing high street chains as well as venture capitalist backing operators with a proven track record. Some predict that South American food will be big in 2012 and that “street food” will continue to evolve, embracing new cuisines, ideas and concepts. What do you think will be big in 2012?


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Mondays in January are always a bit of a struggle so here’s a couple of photos to raise a smile.


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We would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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Thank you for your questions – we will be writing the responses in this blog in the next few weeks. But keep your questions coming!


Ask the experts

We are starting an Ask The Experts section in this Blog. We have a team of professionals that have a range of experience both in the kitchen and front of house as well as in hospitality recruitment. So we invite questions on anything catering recruitment related from career progression advice to questions from employers. Email your questions to info@freshcateringjobs.co.uk and we will answer them in this blog.


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