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Vegetarian Pubs?!

London now has its first two vegetarian pubs.  Under Alastair Choat, the Coach and Horses in Soho and the Smithfield Tavern in the City have both redesigned their menus and renounced the use of meat.  Call me old fashioned but I’m not convinced that I can handle the idea of vegetarian pubs. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the idea that offends me so but I really don’t like it. Sausage and mash is just not the same with a veggie sausage. Is a pub really a pub without the ubiquitous steak and ale pie?

Having given up meat at various stages of my life (for Lent and the like), I enjoy vegetarian food as much as the next person and have even been known to frequent vegetarian restaurants  from time to time but the English pub is a sacred part of our culture that, to my mind, should not be messed with or gentrified.  Am I over-reacting? Is this really a more sustainable business venture or just another way of spoiling The Pub?