Buffet Restaurants

Buffet style restaurants seem to be opening everywhere at the moment. They attract 1000’s upon 1000’s of customers every single week and can’t be ignored. In the Middle and Far East buffets are very popular and the quality is very high with most 4/5 star hotels serving them. But still a lot of people think they serve terrible food full of MSG. What do you think? They are an essentially part of the UK restaurant scene.

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  1. I think that there`s a train of thought which suggests the more establishments open, the more saturated the “market” becomes and this results in low quality food. Many buffet restaurants that open do supply high quality food and generally it`s very good and you certainly get your money`s worth but you have to watch out for the £4.99 all you can eat places which give you what you pay for. In that case you would be better grabbing a McDonalds, which I might add has a bad wrap nowadays but are actually providing very good food now. I think most buffets are are great for the UK food industry as it drives more people to eat out and perhaps try different things, as well as helping children to eat a variety of foods they perhaps wouldn`t get at home. Don`t forget a lot of the buffet places seem to cater for various diets now anyway so there`s something for everyone.

  2. Thanks for your comments Charlie – like them all!

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