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Since it’s Friday

Some funny restaurant signs…


Buffet Restaurants

Buffet style restaurants seem to be opening everywhere at the moment. They attract 1000’s upon 1000’s of customers every single week and can’t be ignored. In the Middle and Far East buffets are very popular and the quality is very high with most 4/5 star hotels serving them. But still a lot of people think they serve terrible food full of MSG. What do you think? They are an essentially part of the UK restaurant scene.


More Trends for 2012

With the tightening of immigration rules and a stricter enforcement of them, some restaurants are reporting that they’re struggling to get the talented chefs they need to run their businesses. This seems to especially be the case for chefs originating from the Indian sub continent. I suppose that begs the question – can the intricacies of Indian cuisine be taught or do the best chefs have to be brought up with food a key element in their culture? With so many chef jobs available for Indian chefs and a key part of the UK restaurant scene – should immigration rules be relaxed for chefs? We’d love to hear to your views!