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Media talk down Hospitality Jobs

Interesting article on the Big Hospitality website saying that the mainstream media talks down jobs in the hospitality sector. Why can’t they be positive?! The industry is the 5th largest in the UK and deserves more credit and support. It’s a fantastic career for a lot people – very annoying to read such comments in newspapers from ignorant hacks! What do you think?


Snail Porridge

Doesn’t sound that appetizing but it’s lovely! Here’s Heston making his most famous dish…



Just putting together the details of the competition – it’s going to be epic and a lot of fun!


Competition time!

We are teaming up with catering recruitment specialists Appetite 4 Recruitment give away an Ipad 2. We are looking for a theme for the competition but it has to be simple & funny – either a video or picture. We have a few ideas and but would like to hear from you. Please email your ideas to

We’ll launch the competition in the next few weeks so stay tuned!



Robot Chefs

The droids aren’t taking over yet!


Restaurant Magazine

The Restaurant Magazine published our letter about French Chef titles – in case you missed it, here it is again:

Home Guard

UK Chefs are among the best in the world. Why then do we still use French job titles for all positions in the kitchen (aside from Head Chef?) Surely it’s about time for British versions of sous, chef de partie and commis? Microwave technician and chief packet-opener may be relevant to some kitchens, but for better kitchens I suggest we turn to the military for inspiration, in the style of the late great Escoffier. The major cook can oversee service ably assisted by his captains, lieutenants and cadets. What does everybody think?


Restaurant Show 2011

The Restaurant Show is over for another year! We met lots of great people in the restaurant business as well as a lot of old contacts and friends. Although not too many free wine samples from the drinks quarter – sadly!


In case you were wondering…